First Blood: Puerto Princesa

(In case you haven’t, and to go away from all the “hello-blogging-world-first-entry” bullcrap, please read the about page of this site buddy!)

Awaken by a caponized rooster who kept on crowing as if there’s a predator nearby, I get off the bed and find myself sitting in the balcony, wallowing the sunrise and morning breeze, sniffing the rich aroma of the hot chocolate in my hand, looking into the apparent line that separates earth from sky and listening to the sound of the sea—the splashing waves and screaming seagulls. It is habit-forming and to some degree ineffably sublime that will surely make you want to comeback.


The countryside of Puerto Princesa, dubbed as the “city in a forest,” is slowly making its way to modernization, though some cell site is still found nowhere else in this environmental milieu. People are courteous and charming, always flashing their smiles to visitors, recommending the best of the best in the city and whatnot, while I—am glaring lecherously to the bootylicious caucasian backpacker walking in her pink undies next to me, thinking of a sensible thing to tweet about her the place! 04A Almost all of my trips has always been like that. I am more pre-occupied by how to document the trip, update my social media walls and post no filter photos every now and then as if someone’s asking/requesting me to do so. I am stripped-off with the true essence of travelling which is just enjoying the moment. I never had the element of spontaneity and not bragging about what will happen, I always try to preempt. I wanted this trip to be different. That’s why when I sat foot in Puerto Princesa, I decided to throw the detailed itinerary that I have assembled, and just ride the waves that comes along. So after some dilly dally in Bakers Hill, I asked the tricycle driver to take me to the (nearest) beach resort where I can peacefully stay for the next three to four days before I head to El Nido. A place where I will hear nothing but the sound of the wind whispering through trees and waves. 02 03 I cannot remember the name of the resort, how many hours or minutes it was from Bakers Hill, and how much I paid. All I know is that it’s a perfect place to stay—no coterie of tourist plus ear-splitting silence. 06 05 07 Wake up early, walk across the long shores, eat breakfast, read a novel, listen to the waves, eat lunch, take a nap, play volleyball with the locals, swim, eat dinner, make bonfires, drink beers, and roast marshmallows to finally cap the night. That’s how I spent my vacation in Puerto Princesa for four effin’ days. I enjoyed the beach and cut the bullshits. 010 09 I didn’t explore the underground river, Jump from one island to another at Honda Bay, get up close and personal with dolphins and whales, and take a stroll to see Puerto Princesa highlights. I wanted this trip to be different..and so I did. Many locals will readily tell you about the legendary phenomenon called Kambak-Kambak(comeback, comeback) syndrome, which draws visitors to comeback in this place again and again. Well just remembering the time I’ve spent here, that’s not hard to believe at all. It is habit-forming and to some degree ineffably sublime that will surely make you want toKambak.



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