diving Dumaguete

To swim with the ‘Pawikans‘ has been hanging on in our bucketlist for quite a while and we’ve been mulling over the idea for months now. Finally, we were able to tick it off last October 2015(we could’ve done it earlier if life didn’t keep getting in the way lol) and we all end up asking ourselves ‘what the hell took us that long?’

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Our recent trip to Central Visayas(Bacolod, Dumaguete, Cebu, Siquijor and lil’ bit IloIlo), like all other trips we had, made us want to explore more of the Philippines.  It was our second time to these provinces and we surely didn’t mind because its beauty tugged us by the hand and refused to let go.

We chased turtles, danced with the whalesharks, surrender to gravity and had our own summer in October because that’s how life is supposed to be! You ask yourself if what makes you feel alive and then you go do that! After all, that’s what this world needs; people who come alive.

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Me and my friends always make it a point to travel every time we have a school break; summer; semestral break; long weekends! We began traveling summer of last year(2014) and it became a ritual performed every quarterly. It’s the very thing that makes us thrive and keeps us sane from 7AM classes and grumpy old professors. It is like a silent prayer after every sin. A glass of water when we need it the most.

Our squad—having been to Mountain ProvinceLa UnionPalawan, Dumaguete, the whole of Negros Occidental, Iloilo, Cebu and Siquijor—wanted to shake things off that’s why we decided to go up north this time since we’ve been planning to have a legit road trip for the longest time. So right after getting stoked in Baler, we decided to hit the road and let our wanderlust took us where it may.

Here are some photographs of that spontaneous Vigan-Pagudpud road trip last summer (2015)! Enjoy! (or at least try to)

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The isle of enchantment—Siquijor

Scary’ isn’t the first word that popped in my head as soon as the island of Siquijor loomed in the horizon. Captivating , stunning, and all other words synonymous to beautiful, those you’d immediately blurt out. The port itself was a sight to see, it was by far, the cleanest and the most beautiful port that I have ever seen.  As our boat docked, crystalline waters welcomed us together with a cool breeze of wind and the mid-day sun highlighted the vast radiant shoreline.

As we drove past the streets I hear nothing but the wind as it makes its way across every strand of my thick hair. The silence was maddening like a girl compulsively verbalizing about her cheating boyfriend. I began to wonder why the streets were almost empty.

The port was good and the roads were paved. Streetlights are everywhere. I have only seen a few and I can already say that it’s promising place, but why weren’t there more people here? Considering that it’s a high-season.

Right. Im in Siquijor.

And right from the get-go she made me discover that silence is something I can actually hear.


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aged beauty: the ruins

I don’t get the reason why Mariano Ledesma Lacson, a sugar magnate, decided to build a mansion–filled with imported luxurious items–in remembrance of his first wife, Maria Braga, a portugese lady from Macau, right in the middle of his 440-hectare sugar plantation here in Talisay City, then set a rule that as soon as his (10) children are married, they should leave the mansion. Not that I’m complaining nor I’m meddling but I just don’t see the point. I sat on a row of chairs in front of the mansion in wonder, took some pictures, and realized that I should stop seeking for answers. Because sometimes, there are really no answers to these questions that we have, we just have to be settled in the beauty of the unknown.


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First Blood: Puerto Princesa

(In case you haven’t, and to go away from all the “hello-blogging-world-first-entry” bullcrap, please read the about page of this site buddy!)

Awaken by a caponized rooster who kept on crowing as if there’s a predator nearby, I get off the bed and find myself sitting in the balcony, wallowing the sunrise and morning breeze, sniffing the rich aroma of the hot chocolate in my hand, looking into the apparent line that separates earth from sky and listening to the sound of the sea—the splashing waves and screaming seagulls. It is habit-forming and to some degree ineffably sublime that will surely make you want to comeback.


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